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[Release] - GameBackerPlus

This is GameBackerPlus. The worlds first "Simple game backer" that makes backups when you Add, Start, And Quit the game.

With it's simple GUI, you can easily add a game to its backup list and have The program make periodic backups. This program runs Totally hidden in the Background, you will never even know its there, 'Until you unfortunately loose/corrupt a save. To unhide the program, simply press (Winkey + F12) to bring back up the GUI. There is also a "Full-Time Protection" feature that allows you to have the program boot on startup.

As of right now, GameBackerPlus is completely free!


Getting Started

When getting started using GameBackerPlus, It's recommended to turn on the "Full-Time Protection" feature located on the main GUI. What this does is allows the Program to start back up (Hidden in the background) automatically each time the user signs back in, or reboots there PC. It's also important to note, that when attempting to minimize the program, click CLOSE, not the red "X", that will terminate the program thus, it will not make backups of your games.

Backup location: By default, When you first open GameBackerPlus, it creates a new directory in the C:\ drive. This can be changed to any location you wish or be kept the same.

Adding a game: When adding a game, be sure the desired game is first running. This ensures that it will show up in the "process" list. Next you will want to select a "Game folder location", thus, being the folder you wish to backup. Weather that be the entire game save location, or just a character/world. Click ok and you're set togo.

Restoring a game: The restore option on the main GUI allows you to restore a game- backup that you may have unfortunately lost, or had corrupt. Simply click on a backup, click recover, and select a output-directory. Magic.

Auto deleting backups: GameBackerPlus by default, deletes old save files after seven days. Within the "restore" tab, this can either be disabled or extended up to six months (182 days).


Download it now!: Download



Changes since version V. 3.6.0: [Initial release] (June, 5 6:16PM)

• Bug fixes


Changes since version V. 3.7.2: [Release] (Oct, 12 3:12PM)

• Fixed restore tab bug

• Performance Improvement's

• Cleaned code


Changes since version V. 3.8.0: [Release] (Nov, 18 6:00PM)

• Removed the need for admin

• First launch now opens GUI

• Fixed DEBUG rendering


Changes since version V. 3.9.0: [Release] (Feb, 14 1:25AM)

• Fixed app launch for non-admin feature

• Now does not issue messy CMD on start

• Cleaned up much needed code


Virus Scans:

Click on a scan to view the results.

Scan1 - [0/59]

Scan2 - [0/18]


Win10 False Virus Detection:

After downloading, windows(10) may falsely accuse GameBackerPlus as a virus. This is becouse windows(10) has a updated windows firewall that treats every new application with caution. To fix this issue, simply click the "More info" grayed text. This will allow you to run anyway.

- See visual example of fix here: image

Date posted: June, 5 6:16PM [EDITED: Oct, 12 3:12PM]

[Release] - File-Binder

This is a fun project I did while I was board. It's a simple two-file binder.

File binders are used mostly by hackers as they allow you to combine two applications into single package. Thus, when you run the output .exe, both files open. The cool thing about file binders, is that you can combine pictures with .exe files! However, many antiviruses will see this "binded" file as a "virus" and remove them before being executed. If you wish to play around with this, make a new folder, and tell the antivirus to not scan that folder. PS: If you wish to change the icon, I Recommend Resource Hacker.

WARNING: I'm not responsible for your actions! Use this responsibly!


Download it now!: Download

Date posted: June, 8 12:28PM

[Release] - Position-Click-Spammer

This is the all new position click spammer. A simple, reliable, and durable spammer for all your position clicking needs!

There are many cases an application like this can be used. The first and formost being that some games can be farmed by clicking a position multiple times. For instance, some boss fight's in rpg-adventure games require a stationary post where the user just shoots in a position. No matter what your case may be, This Position Click Spammer does more then your average!

In addition to just being a click spammer, added features have been created. The most important one being that you can change the speed of the clicks (Lower the faster), Spam keyboard letters such as ex: "h" for heal, and an scroll wheel option.


Updated v1.0.7: Download

Download it now!: Download

Date posted: June, 16 2:02PM

[Release] - (Batch) ASCII Art Template

The all new and 100% amazing batch ASCII art template! Now Released.

I have been asked many times to make a fun project in batch. One of my online friends asked for one of my old batch ASCII art files I made long ago. I decided to make it into a template for anyone to use. Even if you know nothing about batch, This is a great template for any new comers!

Inside the template you will find an example for you to get the idea for how the code works. Keep in mind that this version of the mulicolor-line allows for any symbol patterns! A few basic tips is that "Mode" changes the size of the command prompt and "color" changes the color of background and foreground. (Type color help for more info). If you want to make the window smaller, goto properties > font > Size.

If you wish to create your own ASCII art. I Recommend


Download it now!: Download

Date posted: October, 30 1:30PM

[Release] - Set Custom Windows7 Login Background

Remember the good old windows7 days? As many can remember, it was great. However, windows7 lacked a few modern features that we have today. One of them was the ability to change the login screen wall paper. Using the registry you are able to create path to a folder that allows to re-sight the background of the login screen.

There are many steps in doing so manually but have no worries. This batch script will setup anything necessary for you to get that latest dank meme as that login screen.

If you have issues feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


Download it now!: Download

Date posted: January, 9 4:04PM

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