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Welcome To The Website

Over the years, many of us find information lost, abandoned, or impossible to share. This core reason is what lead me to make a website. Thanks to and some helpful websites, this was a thing. This website will consist of many useful tools, apps, and memes that will help many. Weather thats from depression of harambe's death, or the urge to auto farm many games.

I'm also willing to help anyone who may need help/learning the basics of programming. It's been a great hobby of mine to go out and make tools for the world. FREE of charge. If you are someone who wishes to start learning or may need tip's let me know. As of right now, I currently know 10 programming languages, (VBA (First Language I started on), C# (Switched to C# for better modding support), C++ (Used for D3D Mod Menu Injections), Python (Great for bots & Macro Scripts), Java (For Minecraft Modding), XNA (For Making Stupid op XNA game hacks), javascript (Website expandable features), html (websites, DUH. Github FTW), batch (basic windows shortcuts/Binary scripts), PHP (Training in progress)).

One of my many good friends was with me when we discovered the power of the Internet, literally. It was on a muggy day in august that we sent out a VM to find a old dude named "JD killem", a legend from a online game we used to play. Within 20 minutes some dude replied with his game lobby, It was at this point we knew, Internet ftw.

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